My Guru

I am not writing anything about my Guru, It’s just my experience. So to know more about him, meet him in person & experience it.

I was blessed in having my first Dharsan of my guru on 14th May 2016. When I reached Guru. Ravi Thaaththaa temple, I was advised to pray to Shirdi Sai Baba and perform meditation. While coming out of the meditation room, I was in informed “Guru is in meditation. He will only see from his room but won’t talk”. They asked us to surrender our mobiles. I started wondering ‘what is all this stage play. Why the hell should I surrender my mobile’. In any case, I surrendered & proceeded to have the dharsan. I was led into a room where the Guru was seen through Glass. All these steps forced me to feel ‘why these people are trying to make so much halla hulla’.

Suddenly he look at my eye and with a TEJAS SMILE motioned us to come in. His first words on my entry I remember, ‘This is not the place for investigation’. Instantly I was out of the world. He spoke for nearly 30 minutes. (When I had been to meet hin recently, he reminded our first meeting and said “Son, you are the first and only person whom I met inside my room and the person who spoke to you from me was my Guru”). I came out of the room as his pure Devotee. Since then, whenever I have some problem, I have been blessed with an apt solution by my Gurunaadhar.

Friends, We can never escape from the effects of Karma; but we do have a solution in the form of strength to face the effects of Karma and; that is GURUNAADHAR. Getting a Guru (Guru agreeing to be Guru for the concerned person) is not that easy. We need to cross lots and; lots of hurdles.

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