About – Vadapalani Moovar


Vadapalani Murugan Temple was once known as Kodambakkam Kurimedai.

Annaswamy Thambiraan, keeping a photo of Lord.Murugan in front of him used to give Spiritual Blessings.

Rathaswamy had a grocery shop in Thousand Lights. Due to Family problems, he came and met Annaswamy Thambiran to get his blessings. Annaswamy Thambiran predicted his problems as it is and also showed the way to solve the problem. The same was followed by Rathnaswamy and got the problems solved one by one.

Since then, Rathnaswamy used to meet Annaswamy Thambiran very often with Pooja items for Lord Murugan. One day Annaswamy Thambiran asked Rathnaswamy “Can you be my successor and continue my work for Lord Murugan”. Rathnaswamy replied “I am a Family man, how is it possible for me to do your work? I will just keep doing my service” and left.

As per Annaswamy Thambiran, Rathnaswamy started collecting donation to build a temple for Lord Murugan. In 1865, the main sanctum was built and photo of Lord Murugan was replaced with Lord Murugan’s idol made of Blackstone. During the temple’s construction work, Annaswamy attained Samadhi.

After Annaswamy’s Salvation, One morning, while Rathnaswamy was opening his shop thinking “who will take over the works done by Annaswamy”, he saw an old man with simple sanyasi dress running out of his locked shop. Rathnaswamy started chasing the old man keeping the shop opened. For a moment, the old man stopped, looked back and again started again to run. That is when Rathnaswamy recognized the old man as Annaswamy and continued to follow him. The old man ran towards temple, went inside and got vanished.

Since then, Rathnaswamy took over the works of Annaswamy, giving spiritual blessings, continue building the temple. As per Annaswamy’s guidance, Rathnaswamy went to Thiruthani and gave up his voice. Since then Rathnaswamy did not talk, kept blessing all the devotees with his spiritual blessings. During his period ie Rathnaswamy’s period, “Kodambakkam Kurimedu” was known as “Vadapalani Murugan Temple”.

Rathnaswamy Chose Bakyalingam as his successor and attained Samadhi in the year 1886. Sidhdhar in photo is Bakyalingam Ayya.