About – Ramadevar

Ramadevar, Pulathiyar’s disciple and also one among top 18 Sidhdhars. Since his childhood, with Ambal’s blessings he achieved extraordinary achievements, divine powers and also got dharshan of great Sidhdhars.

Once he was instructed to go to Mecca to bring auspicious herbs available there which can not only cure diseases but can cure it in seconds.

Ramadevar, On arriving at Mecca, Arabians saw him as an enemy. With calm face Ramadevar replied “I am a Sadhu, I have come here to research on auspicious herbs available here, peoples from any religion are same for me”. Ramadevar was converted to Muslim and was named as Yacob. Taking it as an order from Ambal, Yacob accepted it.

In few years, Yacob gained every ones Love and confidence by the way he communicated to the people. Yacob started to wear clothes like Arabians, went to Nabigal Naayagam’s samadhi and prayed him daily. Once Yacob got the dharshan of Nabigal Nayagam. Nabigal Nayagam preached Yacob and blessed him.

After few years, Yacob returned to Sadhuragiri, Near Madurai, stayed here for few years and meditated. Today that place in Sadhuragiri is known as “Ramadevar Vanam”. Then he attained samadhi at Azhagar Mazhai in Madurai.