About – Pattinaththaar Swamy


This great Sidhdhar was born to Sivanea and Gnanakalai. It is said Lord Shiva himself was born as Pattinaththaar. This Sidhdhar was named as “Swethaaranyar” also called as “Thiruvengadar”. At the age of five, Thiruvengadar lost his father.

Thiruvengadar got married to Sivakalai, daughter of Sivachidambaram and Sivakami. They had no children though years rolled by. So both Thiruvengadar and his wife prayed Lord Marudhavaanar in Thiruvidaimarudhur for a child. Lord Marudhavaanar granted thier wish by saying “I myself will come as your son v.soon”.

Sivasarumar, a v.poor Lord Shiva’s devotee spent all his wealth in feeding Lord Shiva’s devotees. Once Lord Shiva appeared in his dream And said “you would find me in a form of baby below Vilva Tree in the temple, hand over that baby to Thiruvengadar. He would give lots of gold equal to weight of the baby.”.The same happened. The baby was named as Marudhavaanar.

Marudhavaanar adopted his father’s Marine trading. Once, on his return from the trade, Marudhavanar left a box to his mother. When Thiruvengadar opened the box, he saw some cakes made of husk and a note reading “Not even an eyeless needle will accompany you in the final journey of life”.

Thiruvengadar realised and renounced everything. With a Dhothi he left, visited many Lord Shiva temples and sang many songs. As Thiruvengadar was born in Kaveripoompattinam, he was called as Pattinaththaar.

When Pattinaththaar was in kasi, he accepted King Badragiri as his disciple. Both were staying in Thiruvidaimarudhur for a while. Lord Shiva granted salvation to Badragiri and gave a sugarcane to Pattinaththaar saying “The place where this sugarcane ripes and tastes sweet will be the place of your salvation”. Since then, Pattinaththaar travelled many place visiting many temples. Finally sugarcane ripped and tasted when Swamy reached Thiruvottiyur.

Swamy used to play with the small kids at the sea shore by building Sand houses. Also, Swamy used to ask the kid to dig a huge pit in the ground and Swamy would sit inside the pit and ask the kids to cover the pit. Later Swamy would come out of the pit after some time. This kept happening frequently. One fine day as usual Swamy sat in the pit and the kid covered it with sand. However, this time around Swamy never came out for a prolonged period of time. The kids were worried and informed the elders about the situation. On hearing this, the elders came to the place and dug the pit and found a Shiva Lingam instead of Swamy.