About – Kuzhandai Aanandar Swamy


Swamy’s parents Sri. Annaswami and Smt.Tripura Sundari, who lived in Samayanallur near Madurai had prayed to Goddess Madurai Meenakshi Amman for a child and the child will be offered to Goddess Madurai Meenakshi Amman at the temple. The goddess blessed them with twins. One child name was named as “Ram” and other child as “Lakshmanan”.

One night, Goddess Madurai Meenakshi Amman came in couple’s dream and reminded about their prayers for offering the child to Goddess. As per the prayers, they took both the child to temple and were confused which child has to be offered. Goddess Madurai Meenakshi Amman came in the form of temple Priest and instructed the couple to leave the child who has divine marks (Sangu and Chakkram in legs Narayanan Namam in toungue) in the body.

It was the time of King ThirumalaiNaayakar. When one of the misters visited the temple, he was surprised to see the kid was consuming the offerings offered to Goddess. The Priest narrated the whole incident to the minister considering the kid as the Goddess’s son. Ministers replied, if he was really Goddess’s son, then he must be able to walk on the water of the holy tank. The kid who was 5 years old, walked casually in the Golden Lotus Tank with a laugh.

At the age of 7, a Saint Ganapathy Baba visited the temple. He took the kid with him to Kasi. The kid learnt learnt divine lessons from Ganapthy Baba and started to cure devotees problems. Swamy was called as Sri. Trilinga Swamy at Kasi. Once when Swamy Ramakrishna Parahmahamsar had been to Kasi, he met and got blessings from Sri. Trilinga Swamy. When Swamy Ramakrishna Parahmahamswar said “will have dharshan of Lord Shiva and come”, Sri. Trilinga Swamy replied saying “have his dharshan here itself” and showed him the dharshan by taking the form of Lord Shiva. Sri. Trilinga Swamy attained samadhi at Kasi.

After few years, he was reincarnated in Nepal. A person who was from Nepal kingdom was suffering from leprosy which was cured by Swamy. Since then, Swamy was very famous in Nepal. After few years, Swamy attained samadhi at Pasupadhinaadhar Temple for the second time.

After few years, he was reincarnated in Tenkasi curing and solving devotees health issues and problems. He attained samadhi for the third time at house in Sannidhi Madam Street which belonged to Sankaran. This place is called as Nellaiappar Samadhi.

After few years, he was reincarnated in Madurai doing miracles. Kalavasal in Madurai is the place where Swamy attained samadhi for the fourth time.