About – Kalliyadi Brahmman Swamy


I am really proud of being the son of parents born in a village where the Great Sidhdhar’s Jeeva Samadhi is situated – further to learn that the Sidhdhar was brought there by my own Grandfather.

The village is Puthuppatti Proceed on the national highway from Dindigul towards Trichy. On the 18thkm. is Vadamadurai. Here, you turn to south on the road leading to Naththam and a 5km. ride takes you to Puthuppatti.

Swamiji was born in a small village near Madurai Azhagarkoil known as Pillicheri on 11th August 1874. His parents Ramayi Ammal and Azhagiya Sundaranar named him Sabapathi

At the age of 16, he left his home one day and reached Vadamadurai located 40miles away. He was leading a simple life – wearing just one dhothi and having food just once a day. After spending a few days, he proceeded to Kanchipuram where he lived as disciple of Sri La Sri Gyanadesikar at Konerikuppam. Having served his Guru for some years, he came back to Vadamadurai.

He was a short figure. Children used to mock at him and pelt stones. These childish insult play did not bother him.

Vadamadurai received torrential rains once. Swamiji was in deep meditation sitting beneath a Cactus bush. Entire Vadamadurai was drenched in rain water, but not a single drop fell on Swamiji or on the bush surrounding him.

Cactus is known as Kalli in Tamil. Since the rain incident, Swamiji was known as Kalliadi Swamigal ie Swamigal blessed beneath th Kalli Bush.

On a day when my grandfather was passing through Vadamadurai, he saw children mocking the Swamiji and pelting stones. He brought him to our house in my village. He comforted him with a nice bath and fruits thereafter. He requested the Swamiji to stay with him and the request was accepted. He lived in Puthuppatti, exhibiting miraculous deeds now and then.

SWAMIJI, nearing the end of his life chose the place of Samadhi and informed my grandfather of the same as well as the date.

SWAMIJI attained Samadhi on 21st January 1941. The great soul is respectfully remembered at the top group of Sidhdhars.