About – Gurulinga Swamy


It is difficult to find the origin of any Sidhdhar. Gurulinga Swamy is believed to be born at Virudhachalam. After dharshan of various Shiva Lingam at various places, he landed at Saidapet.

As he was drawn towards the magnificence of Karneeswarar Temple, he wanted to attain samadhi near the temple. When Swamy communicated the same to an wealthy person asking for a place, though the person was wealthy enough to provide the place, the person denied saying “This cannot happen here” without knowing the Swamy’s divine power.

After few days, servant from the wealthy person’s house came running to swamy saying, “He did not realize your divine powers and made a mistake by denying your request. He is suffering from severe stomach ache due to it. Kindly forgive and cure him”. Swamy asked the servant to bring some water from the temple tank and added Viboothi into it. Swamy asked the servant to go and give the water to the person. Once the person had the water, he was cured.

He came running to Swamy and offered him a place near the temple where swamy attained Jeeva Samadhi..