Sidhdhars are said to have Supernatural powers achieved through meditation. These powers spanned from controlling time and space, transforming the body to desired shape / size. A classical definition given by Sidhdhar Thirumoolar is “Those who live in yoga and see the divine light and power through yoga are Sidhdhars”.

          There are 18 Sidhdhars who are the senior most forerunners. Each one was expert in their own respective fields which they had written as poems and published as books.

          Even after attaining samadhi, Sidhdhars keep living which is known as Jeeva Samadhi. Sidhdhars have the power to attain Samadhi on their own will. They know the date, time and place to attain Samadhi priory. Energy will remain in and around the body as if it was alive which will keep blessing the devotees.

          From My experience, I feel positive energy more in Jeeva / Maha Samadhis. They have been our gurus by teaching us what is life, why to live a life, and how to live a life.

          It is not that easy to have a dharshan of a living Sidhdhar and get his blessings. They cant be identified as they can be in disguise form. If you are a person to follow “Service to human is service to god”, then you can have the dharshan and blessings of the Sidhdhar.

          My portal will guide you to locate Living Sidhdhars and Sidhdhar’s Jeeva / Maha Samadhis. Some Jeeva Samadhis are maintained by trust, some Samadhis are maintained by individuals allowing peoples to walk in for prayers and meditation. There are some Samadhis which are demolished and some not maintained at all. There are few Samadhis which belongs to an individual who are not ready to disclose it as Jeeva Samadhi. Awareness about Jeeva Samadhis and Sidhdhars in today’s world are very less.